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Walk-A-Day with Soulwalk

Sarah Morrison
FGH Content Team
January 1, 2023
1 Minute
Feel Good Hub Walk-A-Day with Soulwalk Challenge

Walk-A-Day with Soulwalk

Monday 17 - Sunday 23 June

Join our one-week Walk-A-Day with Soulwalk Challenge and experience improved physical health, mood, social connection and creativity from daily physical activity.


  • Log one walk a day for one week.
  • The walks can be any distance, any pace or any duration.
  • They can be solo, with a friend, in a group or with the dog!


  1. The challenge will help us kick-start or maintain a walking habit.
  2. Improved cardiovascular health and circulation from regular physical activity.
  3. Boosted mood and reduced stress levels from being outdoors.
  4. Increased energy levels and decreased fatigue from consistent movement.
  5. Improved sleep quality and duration from increased physical activity.


  • Soulwalks from Soulhub are open hearted nature walks.
  • Soulhub are the official Wellbeing Partner of Feel Good Hub.

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