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Healthcare is in crisis

It’s getting harder to see a GP, treatment waiting times are getting longer and you may be juggling an ever changing cocktail of pharmaceuticals to get through the day.

Our conventional approach to healthcare is in crisis and for the first time in recorded history life expectancy is actually falling in parts of the developed world.

There are many complex reasons for this – but one thing is for sure – healthcare as we know it is receding and we as individuals now need to take back ownership of our own health rather than relying on statutory services.

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The solution

Lifestyle is the medicine

Roughly 80% of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, COPD,  heart disease, stroke and many cancers are caused by poor lifestyle.

Even mental health issues like anxiety, depression and social isolation may be linked to our lifestyle choices. It stands to reason that if lifestyle is the cause then lifestyle can also be the medicine.

For most of us changing our lifestyle is easy in principle but much harder to achieve in reality.

We all know what we should do but our entrenched behaviours lead us back to the same old habits.

How can Feel Good Hub help?
How Feel Good Hub can help

Together we can do this

At Feel Good Hub we have cracked the code on helping people change their lifestyle for the better. We have found that being part of a group with a shared goal and purpose makes it easier for us to change our behaviour.

So participating together in our daily, weekly and monthly challenge experiences is not only a fun, engaging and uplifting positive experience but it also helps us to create and sustain our healthy habits which are the key to positive health outcomes.

How can Feel Good Hub help?
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Challenge experiences

All of our daily, weekly or monthly challenges & experiences are built on the six pillars of Lifestyle Medicine as defined by the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

They are individual or team based and are fun, social, engaging, educational, habit forming and effective.

They target general wellbeing issues such as moving more, healthy eating, improving sleep, self-care, social connection as well as specific health conditions such as weight loss, diabetes, menopause, diabetes and chronic pain.

Success stories: Sheryl

Sheryl joined the Feel Good Hub and changed from doing little activity to early morning walks and then completing her first 10k run!
And now running is one of the ways Sheryl looks after her physical and her mental wellbeing.

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