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Eat The Rainbow with NutriPsyence

Sarah Morrison
FGH Content Team
January 1, 2023
1 Minute
Feel Good Hub Eat The Rainbow with NutriPsyence Challenge

Eat The Rainbow with NutriPsyence

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Join our Eat The Rainbow with NutriPsyence Challenge and experience improved digestion, immunity, energy, and skin health by consuming a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables.


  • Beginner one-week nutrition challenge.
  • Eat one different colour fruit or vegetable each day for one week.


  1. Improved digestion and gut health from consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Strengthened immune system from the variety of vitamins and nutrients in colourful produce.
  3. Reduced inflammation and risk of chronic diseases through an antioxidant-rich diet.
  4. Increased energy levels and mental clarity from consuming nutrient-dense foods.
  5. Improved skin health and appearance from the vitamins and antioxidants found in colourful produce.


  • NutriPsyence are the official Nutrition Partner of Feel Good Hub.
  • Sue Camp at NutriPsyence is a registered nutritional therapist and certified functional medicine practitioner.

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