Crush the Crisis

Sarah Morrison
FGH Content Team
June 1, 2023
1 Minute
Feel Good Hub Crush The Crisis

Crush the Crisis

Monday 15 - Sunday 21 July

The current financial situation is causing tremendous anxiety for people and families throughout the UK. Financial stress is linked to poor mental health and other health issues – so this is a serious health problem not just a financial one.

Every action counts - whether it’s reducing waste, reviewing our spending, or even simply finding ways to reduce the feelings of anxiety.

So, join us as we do one thing a day to save or make money. Let’s inspire each other by posting our hints, tips, hacks and money saving exploits.

Let's share our budgeting tips, DIY triumphs, cooking hints, shopping substitutions, recycling and energy saving exploits.

Our actions might just be the inspiration that somebody else needs!


  • Take at least one financial action each day for the week to get a better understanding of our situation


  1. Get a handle on our financial situation
  2. Understand where we can make positive changes
  3. Give and receive hints, tips and hacks to help us through
  4. We may feel less stressed

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