What is Feel Good Hub?

Community support to change your lifestyle

Feel Good Hub are a virtual community that supports you to change your lifestyle for improved long-term health by participating in our health and wellbeing experiences.

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Community support to take regular action to support your wellbeing.

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Regular action will change your behaviour and help you to create healthy habits.

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There's extra power being part of our community that are all taking regular action.

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Our Lifestyle Medicine challenge experiences are fun, social, educational and habit forming.

what we do

support to change your lifestyle

If you are looking to change your lifestyle, either because...
a)  you have a pre-condition / condition, or
b)  you're waiting to see a GP, or
c)  you're on the NHS waiting list, or
d)  you want to take better care of yourself, or
e)  just want to be healthier to prevent future problems

Join us and give it a go - it's free to join!

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Challenges & Experiences

Our daily, weekly or monthly challenges & experiences are all built on the six pillars of Lifestyle Medicine as defined by British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

They are either individual or team based and are fun, social, engaging, educational and habit forming and effective.

They target general wellbeing issues such as moving more, healthy eating, improving sleep, self-care, social connection as well as specific health conditions such as weight loss, diabetes, menopause, diabetes and chronic pain.

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Are you ready to take action?

Feel Good Hub supports members who are ready to take action.
Are you ready?

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Chronic condition

You have a pre-condition or health condition and it's now time to take action.

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Waiting list

You're waiting to see a GP or you're on the NHS waiting list but are able to take action.

Smart Coading


You want to reduce the risk of any future health conditions and ready to take action.

Online Support

Healthier & happier

Want some support to take action to feel healthier and happier.

Foundation Lifestyle Medicine Experience

Step into Wellbeing

Take part in our next 6 week virtual peer group experience, ideal for beginners, starting on 00 April 2023.

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Week 1
Healthy relationships

Support to develop and sustain healthy and meaningful relationships and increase social connection.

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Week 2
Healthy eating

Follow healthier eating patterns of your own choosing.

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Week 3
Physical activity

Choose ways to incorporate more physical activity in your life.

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Week 4

Support you to achieve good quality sleep.

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Week 5
Mental wellbeing

Share proven techniques to reduce stress and help you relax.

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Week 6
Minimising harmful substances

Support to stop smoking, reduce alcohol, avoid addictive substances and behaviours

Experiences based on lifestyle medicine

Our challenges and experiences and content are built on the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine.
This is an evidence-based approach which has been shown to prevent, treat and in some cases, even reverse chronic disease.
The six pillars, as defined by the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine are:

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Healthy eating

Lifestyle Medicine supports people to reduce consumption of ultra-processed foods by teaching the knowledge and skills required to follow healthier eating patterns of people’s own choosing

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Mental wellbeing

Lifestyle Medicine teaches proven techniques to reduce stress and help people with relaxation. Practitioners support people to find purpose in life and improve health through connection with nature.

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Physical activity

Lifestyle Medicine supports people to choose ways they could incorporate more physical activity in their lives, as well as reducing time spent sitting down.

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Lifestyle Medicine supports people to achieve good quality sleep and avoid behaviours which can impair sleep quality.


Healthy relationships

Lifestyle Medicine supports people to develop and sustain healthy and meaningful relationships and increase social connection to reduce stress and promote both physical and mental health.

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Minimising harmful substances

Lifestyle Medicine supports people to stop smoking, reduce excessive alcohol consumption, avoid addictive substances and behaviours such as gambling or harmfully excessive internet or social media use.

Success stories: Sheryl

Sheryl joined the Feel Good Hub and changed from doing little activity to early morning walks and then completing her first 10k run!
And now running is one of the ways Sheryl looks after her physical and her mental wellbeing.

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