Step 2000

Sarah Morrison
FGH Content Team
June 1, 2023
1 Minute
Feel Good Hub Step 2000 Physical Challenge

Step 2000

Dates TBC

Join our Step 2000 Challenge and log 2000 steps every day before the end of the month.

2000 steps per day adds up to an amazing total of 62,000 steps within the month. It may sound like a lot, but it's important to remember that consistency is the key to keeping our stepping habit up!


  • Log at least 2000 steps per day.
  • We can build our steps in by opting to walk rather than transport, getting out for fresh air and also by taking the stairs.


  1. Improving our physical health by keeping active each day.
  2. We create a healthy daily habit.
  3. Getting outdoors more.

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