Move 450

Sarah Morrison
FGH Content Team
June 1, 2023
1 Minute
Feel Good Hub Move 450

Move 450

Dates TBC

Join our Move 450 Team Challenge and log 450 minutes of 'physical' activity before the end of the month alongside our team.

450 minutes may sound like a lot, but it amounts to 15 minutes per day; 7.5 hours in the month.


  • Log at least 15 minutes of physical activity per day.
  • Any kind of physical activity counts - walking, running, cycling, swimming, workouts, stretching dancing and rolling!
  • Join our team as we participate against Get Active Hub and Soulhub.


  1. Improving our physical health by keeping active each day.
  2. We create a healthy daily habit.
  3. Working together as a team to achieve our team goal.

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